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交通部104年度招商大會 2015 Investment Solicitation Convention


The 2015 Investment Solicitation Convention was held on May 26th at GIS MOTC Convention Center which attracted ample companies in construction, logistics services, retailing and insurance fields and over 250 participants. In 2015, BOHSR will be continued to release investment cases in northern, central and southern Taiwan. These cases included ‘High speed rail Taoyuan station district commercial zone (Cing Sheng section lot number 434 and 435) development and operation project”, “High speed rail Hisnchu station district commercial zone (Shi Xing section lot number 24 and 25) development and operation project”, “High speed rail Taichung station district commercial zone (Xin Gao Tie section lot number 89、90 and 96) development and operation project” and “Build, operate and transfer of Transit transport facilities in High speed rail Zuoying station district”. These four cases are estimated to attract around 6.5 billion dollars from private investments.
Since 2005, BOHSR has successfully delivered 10 investment cases which equaled to approximately 37.8 billion dollars of private investment value (not including rent and royalty money). The successful contracted cases currently under construction or application processes included the outdoor American-style Outlet Plaza in HSR Taoyuan Commercial/Manufacturing Park co-invested by Cathay Life Insurance Inc. and Gloria Hotel Group which is scheduled for its grand opening in Dec 2015, the Healthy City in TIAA MRT Taoyuan Sports Park Station (A19) invested by Kindom Construction Corp. that is scheduled to break ground in the second half of 2015, both the Complex Business Building that has already embarked construction in April this year and the Complex Technology Office Building that is currently under evaluation process and at HSR Hsinchu Station respectively invested by Wei-Sha Investment and MediaTek Inc. and finally the International Logistics services Center co-invested by Cathay Life Insurance Inc. and Ally Logistic Property Co.Ltd. at HSR Taichung Station also starting to apply for local government evaluation. On the other hand, projects that have been completed and are currently operating included investments by UDN Group and Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd. in HSR Taichung commercial zone and the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and Rainbow Market in HSR Zuoying Station. Above examples demonstrated that business opportunities can be successfully created by rooting in HSR station districts. Moreover, these investments induced the overall development along the HSR routes and raised the quality of life and environmental condition in the districts.

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