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高鐵新增雲林站於104年6月7日竣工 Completion of HSR Yunlin Station on June 7, 2015
圖一 基地(車站專用區(二)、(三)位於站前東路之西側,車站之高鐵里程數介K218+270~TK218+690。


The foundation of Yunlin Station is located at the core of "HSR Yunlin Station District" with total land area of 10.06 Ha and total floor area of 20,177 m2. The station is west of National Taiwan University Yunlin Branch and east of Central Taiwan Science Park Huwei District. The station district is just north of Huwei Township and the base configuration diagram is shown as figure 1.
Yunlin Station was designed by architect, Mr. Jen-Hsi Yao, from ARTECH Architectural Firm and constructed by Evergreen Construction Corporation. The project cost about 1.5888 billion NT dollars and has broken ground since Nov. 23, 2012. The main design of the station building extracted the meaning of "Yunlin", creating a cloud-like and forest image. The project used various curved pillars to assemble a streamline structure and the clear texture of glass windows in coordination with a mass area of the surrounding green scenery indicated an image of "forest mist". The streamline structure also corresponds to the "Hu" (the Chinese word is as same as "tiger" ) of Huwei Township.
Ever since the groundbreaking of Yunlin Station, BOHSR has closely supervised the project progress. By doing so, THSRC had to submit the project progress report each week to the Fourth Division for approval. In addition, BOHSR implemented monthly inspections during the construction period summing up to 53 onsite inspections. In each inspection, inspectors thoroughly recorded construction process details and progress verifications were used as support documents in the quarterly "Post Engineering Management Meetings" (total of 8 times) where THSRC reports its construction status. On Jun. 7, 2015, the fifth milestone construction phase has been finished within the scheduled construction timeline and the team subsequently acquired the user's permit letter for special building authorized by Yunlin County Government. BOHSR has scheduled the construction completion inspection on Jun. 25 & 28 and the inspection hosted by MOTC will be scheduled in September. Finally, the complete process will be finished and official operation is scheduled in December 2015.
Upon completion of this project, HSR Yunlin Station will be the door of Yunlin and the modern station building will be seen as a significant landmark and symbol of the area. In accordance to the newly constructed access roads and Huwei interchange connecting National Highway No.1, the one-day life circle will be expanded to Yunlin and bring ample business opportunities to the area. In the near future, surrounding areas of the HSR station will not only be a transport hub but also the center of politics, economy, culture and tourism development.

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