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機場捷運CU01標公共藝術隧道燈箱簡介 Introduction to the TIAA MRT CU01 Public Art Tender- Line of Tunnel Lightboxes


In the CU01 tender public art construction, the line of tunnel lightboxes will be installed between National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7) and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station (A8) in the cut & cover tunnel daylighting middle section. There will be 135 lightboxes installed on the right wall of northbound and southbound tunnels respectively and both ends of the lightbox lines will be equipped with sensors to control on and off of the lights by sensing train movement.
Each lightbox is made of LED panels, which comprises 8 panels, 414 LED bulbs, translucent acrylic boards, 3M purple translucent stickers (pantone #2587C), black vinyl cutting sheets and flip-up aluminum panels. 135 different images of Taiwan Whistling Thrushes are craved into the black vinyl sheets. By using the "persistence of vision" of a natural human eye, passengers will see a continuous flying image of the whistling thrush when passing through the tunnel.
The design of this line of lightboxes used the persistence of vision of the human eye, which can take in and freeze 10 frames in the brain. Therefore, when the EMU enters the tunnel at the speed of 50km/hr, the complete image will last for 13 seconds.
When taking the TIAA MRT through the tunnel, passengers will feel as if they are flying into the sky like the whistling thrushes. The idea of design is with a unique perspective and creativity.
The distance of each adjacent lightbox is 1.53m and the entire length of the public art project is 205.5m. The project has already been completed in Feb. 2014.

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