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高鐵新竹湖口隧道段地震聯合演練觀察報告 Report on Joint Earthquake Drill at the HSR Tunnel Section in Hsinchu Hukou Area


At 9:30am, May 27, 2015, THSRC hosted the "Joint Drill of Derailment Rescue during an Earthquake" at HSR Hukou, Hsinchu tunnel in accordance to the "HSR Holistic Disaster Prevention Plan" and "2015 Hazard Prevention Drill Project". THSRC invited not only the Fire Bureau, Police Bureau and Public Health Bureau of Hsinchu County Government but also support units including Railway Police Bureau and the ROCA Taipei Testing Center to take part in this drill.
The primary goal of this drill is to enhance response, report, evacuate and injury handling abilities of HSR staff and support units during an emergency derailment incident resulted from an earthquake. The drill is aimed to process emergency procedures fluently and strengthen cross-unit communication and operational mechanism.
The simulation of this drill was set at a magnitude 6.0 earthquake happening in Hsinchu area extending to HSR Taoyuan and Miaoli sections with 4-6 magnitude earthquakes. Upon the incident, the ATC system will send out emergency braking signals to all operating trains within the area of impact. Among the impacted trains, T115 southbound train reported back that the train was derailed and lost all power at Hsinchu Hukuo tunnel section containing 530 passengers including 30 passengers with minor injuries and 6 with severe injuries. After confirming incident status, OCC instructed passengers to evacuate through Hsinchu No.03 emergency exit (located inside the ROCA Taipei Testing Center shooting range) and simultaneously informed the military, Hsinchu Station rescue team and other support units to engage in the rescue. Prior to execution of the provisional rescue team, team members will be first instructed of certain operational areas in so when they’re on scene, they can guide firemen and paramedics to efficiently evacuate and rescue the injured passengers.
External support units including ROCA forces are in charge of vehicle rescue routes and provide emergency first aid; police forces are responsible for executing on-scene control of evacuating passengers and surrounding traffic control; the public health bureau will set up an emergency station to provide first aid and examine, categorize and distribute injured patients to hospitals; the technical engineer team will be repairing the site and assisting in command transfer.
In summary, the drill was successfully carried out according to standard operation procedures in the "HSR Holistic Disaster Prevention Plan". The 7 phases of this plan was: perceive the incident and report, receive signal and confirm, report and distribute, evacuate and mobilize, initial response of rescue units, accident managing and first aid providing, and lastly, site repairing. Personnel who took part in the drill all played their parts well which contributed in the completeness of the event. BOHSR will continue to supervise THSRC on improvement measures carried out according to this drill and the measures will continue to contribute to pushing perfection in the "HSR Holistic Disaster Prevention Plan".

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