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104年第三場環境教育訓練 The BOHSR Third Session of Environmental Education Training in 2015


In coordination with government policies on promotion of envi-ronmental education, BOHSR has worked hard on introducing proper and updated environmental-friendly concepts into the designs and implementation of engineering projects. To provide opportunities for our associates to comprehend successful environmental acts, BOHSR arranged 5 outdoor trainings in 2015 in which the third training was held on Jun. 15 with Deputy Director General, Mr. Wu-Hsun Chang, leading the training.
Introduction of the ecosystem and green building design at Lujiu Station was made focus in this training for the purpose of demonstrating how BOHSR induced environmental measures in the TIAA MRT Project. In the training, Brigade Chief Yong-Fu Hsu of MRT Engineering Office and Chief Engineer Yen-Ting Hsieh were invited as speakers to give lectures on the environmental concepts and prospects at Lujiu Depot. The trainees were also guided on a tour at the eco-pool in Lujiu Depot and A12 Station green building to fully comprehend environmental details and efforts the construction and design team has put into the project. In the afternoon, the party was brought to Daxi, Taoyuan and the upstream area of Shihmen Reservoir to see actual preservation cases. The tour at Daxi Tea Factory brought participants to understand the successful story of "no fertilizer farming" combining the restoration of historical architectures carried out by Taiwan Tea Corporation. The produced organic black tea not only brought Daxi Tea Factory to its former prosperity but also successfully created the best environmental education site.
By presenting the participants with both lectures and in-person experiences, the class comprehended fully of the training contents and raised many insightful questions. The trainers responded accordingly and anticipated the class to change the overall environmental concept of the public by using consumer's power. Additionally, the trainers urged all to implement environmental actions in their respective posts to play a part in Taiwan and global environment protection. The training came to a successful end at 5pm.

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