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機場捷運申請綠建築標章辦理成果 Summary of Application for TIAA MRT Green Building Certification


The purpose of promoting green building is to slow down the deterioration of the ecosystem and global warming process. According to statistics, one fourth of CO2 emission is generated from the architectural industry which impacts greatly to our environment. Therefore, the newly designed TIAA MRT buildings should hold green building features and play a part in environmental preservation.
In Taiwan, green building evaluations are categorized into "green building candidate certification" and "green building label". The four evaluation indexes are ecosystem, energy saving, waste reduction and health. The four indexes are further categorized into nine items: foundation greening, water conservation, water resources, daily energy saving, reduction of CO2 emission, waste reduction, sewage improvement, biodiversity and interior environment. To acquire the green building certification, the applying project should pass at least four out of nine items and among which, "energy saving" and "water resources" are mandatory items. On the other hand, the green building label is categorized into 5 levels: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Qualified.
Due to the TIAA MRT Project defined as a national major public infrastructure, it is even more important that the project is designed as a sustainable public project and should enforce energy-saving policies. During the implementation of environmental impact differential analysis, the TIAA MRT stations have introduced green building features in the designs and the project has become the very first domestic MRT system that has applied for green building certification. During the designing phase, there were 19 stations that already acquired the green building certification, and by the time station constructions are finished, 13 stations further acquired green building labels. Among the 13 stations, 6 were in the Qualified level, 6 in the Bronze level and one, National Taiwan Sports University (A7), reached the Silver level. The remaining stations are currently going through application process.

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