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高鐵苗栗站 Completion of HSR Miaoli Station


HSR Miaoli Station is located at Miaoli Station District in Houlong Township, Miaoli County. The project was designed by CECI Nova Technology Co., Ltd. and constructed by Debao Group. The entire project cost 1.51 billion NT dollars with a total station area of 7.08 ha. and total floor surface of 19,304 m2. The base configuration graph is as follows.
In 2012, the construction started on Dec. 14 and the Beam Raising Ceremony was launched on Dec. 10. 2013 The station main building is a five-story building with the first floor as base floor, second as concourse floor, third and fourth as equipment floors and fifth as the platform floor. The exterior design of the station used bamboo compilation to create a simple and spacious structure which symbolized the genuine characteristic and cultural customs of the Hakka people. In addition, the geometric linear metal frame designs showed bright architectural surfaces which stood for the strong and preserving Hakka spirit. Furthermore, due to metal shades, solar panels and other energy-saving equipment installed in the station, the project successfully acquired the "Diamond Level Certification" in the Green Building Evaluation.
To accurately monitor the project progress and provide assistance to THSRC, BOHSR has implemented supervision measures ever since groundbreaking of the project. During the construction period, a total of 52 monthly inspections were implemented and each time, inspection records were created with actual construction processes and progress verification included. Quarterly, subsequent construction management meetings were held (a total of 8 meetings) for THSRC to report on project progress and issues. On Jun. 28, 2015, within the project deadline, THSRC acquired the Special Building Permit from Miaoli County Government. On Jul. 15 and 20, BOHSR implemented the construction completion evaluation; in Sep., MOTC inspected and approved the project. Lastly, official operation is scheduled to initiate in Dec. this year.
Upon official operation, HSR Miaoli Station, which is integrated with TRA Fengfu Station, will be the main door to Miaoli area and the one-day life circle in Taiwan will be officially expanded to Miaoli. With seamless transfer to the TRA System, passengers can no doubt enjoy a comfortable transportation experience. In the near future, the business opportunities and development in Miaoli area is surely to prosper.

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