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機場捷運環北站週邊改善工程竣工 Construction Completion of TIAA MRT Huanbei Station Surrounding Improvement Project

• 候車空間:轉運站設置候車空間,提供機場捷運轉乘旅客候車所需。站體設施空間包括遮雨棚、站名牌等。
• 汽車停車位:設置地面汽車停車位143席(含無障礙4席)。
• 機車停車位:設置地面機車停車位312席(含無障礙3席)。
• 腳踏車停車位:設置地面腳踏車位42席。
• 路緣臨停車位:中豐路側設置臨時停車車位(計程車及小汽車)4席。

The transit hub is located at the intersection of Huanbei Road and Zhongfeng N. Road. For the purpose of dispersing passengers after official operation and resolving the traffic impact from the extension line, BOHSR established a shuttle system at the east side of Huanbei Station (A21). The shuttle system will provide passengers convenient connection with city buses, intercity buses and personal automobiles. With the establishment of the transit hub and shuttle network, a comprehensive transportation network in Zhongli City will be created and passenger transport requirements will be met.
Configuration of the transit hub is detailed as follows:
• Waiting Area: the waiting area is equipped with shades and route signs for reference of TIAA MRT passengers.
• Parking spaces: there are 143 surface parking spaces for automobiles (inclusive of 4 spaces reserved for handicapped parking).
• Motorcycle parking spaces: there are 312 surface parking spaces for motorcycles (inclusive of 3 spaces reserved for handicapped parking).
• Bicycle parking spaces: there are 42 parking spaces for bicycles.
• Curb parking: 4 curb parking spaces for taxis or pick up/drop off cars are set on the side of Zhongfeng Road.
The transit hub project has broken ground on Feb. 17, 2015 and is schedul-ed to be completed by Aug. 17, 2015 Project operation will be transferred to local authorities after completion.

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