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協助交通部辦理「花東壽豐地區鐵路高架化工程」、「屏東至潮州鐵路高架化工程」履勘作業紀要 Summary of BOHSR Assistance on MOTC Inspections "Elevation of Rails in Shoufeng Township" and "Elevation of Rails from Pingtung to Chaozhou Section"


Prior to the initiation of railway transport system operation, the organization is obliged to apply for MOTC inspection according to Article 16-2 of Railway Act. Official operation may only carry forward with approval by MOTC. In coordination with the Railways Supervision Task Force, BOHSR assisted the inspection by acting as inspection staff.
In June 2015, the TRA applied for inspection on "Elevation of Rails in Shoufeng Township" and "Elevation of Rails from Pingtung to Chaozhou Section". The submitted application was reviewed by BOHSR Deputy Chief Engineer Jao who implemented formal examination and confirmed qualification of the application documents. He also arranged preliminary meetings and assisted the inspection team on implementing the project. The inspection schedules are detailed as the following table.
The inspection members examined documents, site facilities, simulation drills, etc. and generated a report on errors and improvement measures. The improvement measures were categorized into 3 categories. The "Improvement Measures Before Official Operation" regulates the applicant to submit all improvement documents to the competent authority and all documentation must be reviewed and approved before initiating official operation; the "General Improvement Measures" will be kept tracked by the Railways Supervision Task Force and the Task Force will determine whether the issues are resolved or not; and lastly, the "Subsequent Improvement Suggestions" are listed as future reference for the applying organization.
Under seamless coordination of the inspection team, divided groups and the applying organization, the two inspections were completed successfully. After the improvement measures have been carried out and MOTC is informed, operation can officially be started. By then, operational quality of Shoufeng area and Pingtung to Chaozhou section will be greatly improved and passengers can enjoy even more comfortable and convenient transport service.

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