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機場捷運公共藝術民眾參與活動紀實 TIAA MRT Public Arts Event Record


To enhance the artistic atmosphere in TIAA MRT area, there were nine permanent public art pieces created by well-known artists (some domestic and others from overseas) set in eight chosen stations. Additionally, numerous art promotion events were held alongside HSR area to increase children’s awareness in art. In April this year, in one of these workshops, artists Lai Pei-Yu with the creation of "□City-neighbors" at A3 Station and Jen Ta-Hsien with "Blissful Journey" at A4 Station were invited to share experience with the children. Participating students were from Wen-Hsin Elementary School in Guishan District Taoyuan City, Yong Fu Elementary School and Jimei Elementary School in Sanchong District New Taipei City. In this series of workshops, there were a total of 12 events held in which 341 children participated.
The workshops included many handcrafting events and by creating beautiful memories via interaction with art, we hope that these art seeds will be planted in the children's mind and they may become the pillars in Taiwan field of art someday. In the near future, there shall be extended art events including international forums, opening shows, guides, etc. to celebrate the official operation of the TIAA MRT System. We will invite multiple world-class artists to Taiwan to celebrate with us. We hope that all who love art can share the joy with us in this series of celebration events.

  • 漫步幸福之旅:藝術家任大賢透過輕鬆愉快的學習方式,帶領小朋友認真完成作品的製作。
  • 漫步幸福之旅:藝術家任大賢透過輕鬆愉快的學習方式,帶領小朋友認真完成作品的製作。
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