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For the purpose of establishing the "Regulations of Public Constructions for Elderly-friendly Environment Revision Project", the Public Construction Commission (PCC), Executive Yuan appointed the establishment team to observe the precedent of HSR stations. Therefore, on Aug. 3, 2015, BOHSR invited THSRC to hold a "HSR Elderly-friendly Facilities and Services Demonstration Event". Participants in this training included PCC, Council of Agriculture, MOI, MOEA, MOTC, TRA, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau and Directorate General of Highways.
Since 2015, PCC has embarked on promoting the "Regulations of Public Constructions for Elderly-friendly Environment Revision Project" in response to the aging phenomenon of Taiwan society. With consideration to extended periods of large construction projects, relevant regulations shall be set early on to be able to implement such regulations in the planning and designing stage. With the lead and demonstration of governmental organizations, private companies shall follow and together create a safe, convenient, comfortable and comprehensive environment that is suitable for elders to live in. In view of the excellent quality of HSR construction and services, PCC especially designated the demonstration to be held in a HSR station.
The demonstration event started with a briefing by THSRC indicating that although HSR operational service regulations were not based on an elderly-friendly foundation, they still created an elderly-friendly transportation environment which included barrier-free facilities and kind assistance to elders with visual or hearing impairment or poor mobility. After the briefing, the party continued on the station tour simulating the path where an elder enters the station, buys a ticket and walks to the platform to wait for the train. Along the way, the guide interpreted on the elderly-friendly facilities and services provided by THSRC.
At last, the participating units exchanged opinions regarding the demonstration in the summary discussion hosted by Chairman Chun-Yi Hsu of PPC, Director General Hsiang-Ling Hu, CEO Guan-Yuan Cheng and Chief Operation Officer Chang Chen of THSRC. Topics that were raised in the discussion included the implementation status of elderly-friendly facilities and services and thoughts and suggestions after experiencing the demonstration. Chairman Chun-Yi Hsu anticipated all participants to embark on creating elderly-friendly environments soon in their respective fields and the event came to a successful end at noon.

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