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高鐵沿線地下管線資訊平台建置 Establishment of HSR Underground Pipe Information Platform

台灣高鐵公司之「高鐵防救災應變資訊系統」(DPGIS)系統可顯示高鐵營運即時資訊(包含氣象、水文、地震、土石流、高鐵列車資訊、訊號機房、電力系統、結構、災害告警等資料)。目前該公司已利用前述資訊平台將地下管線GIS圖資套疊管制。本局亦將利用內政部國土測繪中心提供之「通用版電子地圖查詢圖臺」(EMAP)及GOOGLE EARTH套疊地下管線圖資,以掌握高鐵沿線地下管線資料。

In view of the midnight gas explosion incident in Kaohsiung on July 31, 2014, HSR units has put in great effort in gathering information of underground pipes to build up a database and to ensure operational safety of the high speed rail. The current GIS data collection of HSR underground pipes is nearly completed, including gas pipe (middle high voltage) of 296 pieces, 130 pieces of oil tubing, 13 pieces of petrochemical tubing, 8,403 pieces of water tubing, and 14,354 pieces of telecommunications tubing. The information is established according to "Public Utilities Tubing Exchanging Information Standards" by Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, which includes management units, pipe number, pressure distinction, unit of measurement, diameter width, pipe materials, burial depth, length of the pipe, and setting date.
Taiwan High Speed Railway's "Disaster Prevention Geographic Information System" (DPGIS) can display real-time HSR operational information (including meteorology, hydrology, earthquakes, landslides, HSR schedule, signal room, power systems, structures, disaster warning, etc.). THSRC has applied this platform on the GIS information indigitation controls at present.
In addition, BOHSR will make use of the "Generic Version of Electronic Map Query Graph" (EMAP) offered by National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Ministry of the Interior, and GOOGLE EARTH to indigitate underground pipe map data to comprehend the underground pipe information of HSR.

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