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本局104年度紅火蟻防治工作 2015 BOHSR Red Imported Fire Ant Control Project (RIFA)


The first Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) invasion in Taiwan happened in September 2003 where farm lands were invaded and multiple cases were sent to hospitals. To prevent the outbreak from spreading any further, by May 3, 2010, BOHSR established the RIFA Control Standard Protocol based on national policies and has implemented the hazard prevention measures ever since.
The major strategy for the BOHSR 2015 RIFA Control Project was onsite inspection at RIFA scenes which took place from Jun. 5 to Jul. 24. The inspected sites included HSR Chiayi Station District, HSR Tainan Station and Station District, HSR Taichung Station, Wuri Depot, HSR Taoyuan Station District and HSR Hsinchu Station District. The inspection measures were suggested by National RIFA Control Center in which the first step is visually inspect the suspected areas then press originally-flavored chips into 7cm×1.4cm pieces and scatter evenly onto the floor. After 40 to 60 minutes, the inspectors will check if the ants are found in the chip-scattered range. Results showed negative of RIFA in all inspected areas (if otherwise, the results will be submitted to the National RIFA Control Center for further investigation).

  • 104年6月12日高鐵台南站入侵紅火蟻偵查書面審查作業
  • 入侵紅火蟻的簡易鑑定-身體中軀與腹錘間有2節明顯腰節(腹柄節與後腹柄節)(本照片由國家紅火蟻防治中心提供)
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