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機場捷運延伸線潛盾機簡介 Introduction to Shield-Tunneling Machine of TIAA MRT Extension Line


The total length of shield tunnel section in CM01 tender of TIAA MRT extension line is 3,221m inclusive of northbound and southbound directions. The geological substance of bored grounds is sandstone formation(Danawan section) and cobblestone formation (Zhongli section); maximum excavation slope is 4.521%; ground depth is 11.2 to 20.1m; underground water level is GL-1 to 5m; minimum curvature radius is 100m; and maximum cobblestone diameter is ψ0.93m. According to the geological data, the shield-tunneling machine in this project adopted the "Shielded Earth Pressure Type" machine and the detailed apparatus is as the following table.
Regarding the engineering procedure, first, the shield-tunneling machines operate successively from Laojie River Station (A22) to Huanbei Station (A11) where the external cases are discarded, uninstalled and transported back to Laojie River Station (A22); then, the machines start again from Laojie River Station (A22) with new cases and excavate towards Zhongli Station (A23) during which the machines tow across the crossover sections. Same as above, at Zhongli Station (A23), the external cases are discarded internal parts are uninstalled then transported away from the construction site.
The two machines are scheduled to arrive at Keelung Port on Dec. 1, 2015 and Jan. 1, 2016 respectively. Subsequently, the machines will be transported to Laojie River Station (A22) to assemble and install and embark on the tunnel excavation work.

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