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高鐵台中車站地區區段徵收範圍內原位置保留建物屋後排水用地專案讓售辦理情形 Implementation Status of the Sale Project of Drainage Land at the Rear of Reserved Building in Expropriated Land of HSR Taichung Station District


Taipei Main Station is an intersecting point of Taiwan railway, high-speed rail and mass rapid transportation lines. According to Office of Homeland Security, Taipei Main Station is listed as the primary level of national key infrastructures. Hence, cross-unit coordination of central & local government and public & private forces have to be made to achieve integration and execution of relevant emergency response and fire prevention measures. Consequently, in the "2015 Annual National Key Infrastructure Protection Drill" hosted by Office of Homeland Security, MOTC was assigned to carry out the drill in Taipei Main Station targeting to discover the potential problems of disaster prevention and rescue actions. By simulating various circumstances, the rightness of current disaster prevention mechanisms will be challenged and verified. Verification items included the mechanisms and actions of emergency contact and inter-coordination between MOTC, BOHSR, Railway Police Bureau, THSRC, TRA, Taipei Metro and station stores. The mechanisms will be improved and adjusted constantly according to results of the drill to ensure all units in Taipei Main Station will be prepared to contain damages to the minimum and recover normal operation fastest possible when encountering major disasters in the future.
During the preparation period, MOTC and BOHSR held multiple coordination meetings and war-game simulations. On Sep. 10, an official war-game simulation was held in the First Conference Room in our bureau in which 25 governmental organizations including Ministry of Law, Ministry of Health and Welfare and the National Police Agency were invited. In the simulation, Director General Hu of BOHSR acted as the Chief Strategy Officer and Director Yang of First Division as the Elaboration Officer. Each simulation and handling of emergency situations were completed successfully as scheduled hence the evaluated units received high appraisal from Minister without Portfolio Yeh of the Executive Yuan, Deputy Secretary General Chao of National Security Committee, and the evaluation members.
After the verification of this drill, a "United Command Center" should be established subsequently to integrate operational organizations of the three rail systems, Railway Police Bureau, station stores and external units to build up a disaster prevention mechanism and onsite commanding system. Thereafter, disaster prevention, evacuation and rescue functions in Taipei Main Station will be brought into full play.

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