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本局榮獲財政部國有公用不動產「活化運用組」第四名佳績 BOHSR was Rewarded Fourth Place in “Usage Activation Category” of National Public Real Properties by Ministry of Finance


To enhance the efficiency of the usage of national properties, the Executive Yuan approved of “Management and Application Efficiency Enhancement of National Properties Proposal” on November 11th, 2008. The Proposal includes practical measures to complete national public property identifications, decrease immovable property occupation and enhance land usage. In accordance to this Proposal, the National Property Administration (NPA), Ministry of Finance has conducted “Activation of Public Immovable Property Evaluation” since 2010 to enhance usage efficiency of public properties. BOHSR was nominated for the first time in 2013 by MOTC for “Usage Activation Category”- “Fonds/ Business Organization”.
The evaluation focused on two main development cases, which is the “HSR Taoyuan Station District Commercial/ Manufacturing Parks Development” Project and “Land Development of TIAA MRT A19 Station and the Surrounding Commercial Park”. The evaluation processed through document review and won fourth place for “Usage Activation Category”- “Funds/ Business Organization” in the “Activation of National Public Real Property Evaluation Meeting” held by NPA on October 24th, 2013. The award was rewarded to BOHSR on February 10th, 2014 in a “Superintendent Squad of Clean-up and Reactivate National Land- Group Meeting” by Chi-Kuo Mao Vice Premier, Executive Yuan.
The reason our bureau had the honor to be rewarded this award resulted from the supervision of superiors and the hard work of our Property Activation workforce. We will continue to fully execute measures of “Management and Application Efficiency Enhancement of National Properties Proposal” to take part in developing infinite spaces from limited resources. The ultimate results of this action will result in an increase in national financial income and also making highest and best use of land.

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