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本局環境教育訓練-坪林淨源有機茶廠學習活動 BOHSR Environmental Education Training -Outdoor Event at Pinglin Pure-Spring Organic Tea Factory


In coordination with government policies on promoting environmental education, BOHSR worked hard on introducing international environmental-friendly concepts into the designs and implementation of engineering projects. Moreover, the bureau anticipated that associates could combine environmental actions into their daily lives. With this goal in mind, BOHSR arranged 6 environmental education trainings which comprised 4 outdoor events and 2 indoor lectures. On Sep. 11, the session was held respectively and participants included BOHSR and MRT Engineering associates, retirees, THSRC staff and contracting companies.
The trainers of the session were former Deputy Director General Ding-Yen Tsai and Director Le-Chun Tsao and the outdoor session took place at Pinglin Clean Resource Organic Tea Factory. The training combined a series of activities including tea picking, organic tea production, farmer's experience sharing, theater and tea brewing. Furthermore, the lecturers, including Ming-Chu Lin, gave lectures such as "Agricultural Economic Activities and Water Resource Education" and "Clean Resource Tea Case Study" to let the trainees comprehend the "Clean Resource Project" brought out by Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation. In 2009, the "Guidance and Promotion of Pinglin Organic Tea Plantation Project", one of the sub-projects of the "Clean Resource Project" brought out by Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation, successfully produced organic tea without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, the clean water they used for irrigation protected the Feitsui Dam, the lifeline water support for the entire Taipei area, from contamination. Aside from the demonstration tea plantation, Tse-Xin Foundation also built a "Clean Resource Tea Factory" to process the organic tea leaves and avoid possible cross-contamination to the fresh picked tea leaves. Since the opening of the "Clean Resource Tea Factory", the Office of the President and Ministry of Foreign Affairs has both held successful trainings at the venue. Therefore, prior to launching this BOHSR training, the trainees were already extremely excited. After understanding the transformation process of local organic farming which made many farmers regain their happiness in farming, the trainees were impressed and admired Tse-Xin Foundation for their efforts to not only protect the environment but touch people's hearts.
This training session combined experience sharing and actual in-person experiencing activities which benefited the trainees greatly. During the lectures, trainees interacted enthusiastically with the lecturers and the trainers encouraged participants to make full efforts in protecting our environment by changing their daily habits and make good use of their consumer's power to change this environment for the better.

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