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台灣高鐵公司返還高鐵桃園等5個站區事業發展用地予交通部 THSRC Returned Five HSR Station Development Lands back to MOTC


On Oct. 30, 2015, THSRC and MOTC representatives signed the pact of THSRC returning the superficies rights of HSR Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi and Tainan station zones back to MOTC as a part of the financial crisis resolution. However, the public welfare facilities such as fire prevention equipment that requires constant management and maintenance by THSRC will be included in the adoption pact signed by both parties and continued to be managed by THSRC.
After the acquisition of the five business development properties, BOHSR will actively carry out preliminary procedures for tender invitation such as plotting out strategic development plans and beneficial evaluations. Then, subsequent to coordinating with local governments and relevant organizations and reaching consensus, the tender invitations will be successively promulgated in the third quarter of 2016.

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