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機場捷運廉政平臺訪視交流活動紀要 Summary of the TIAA MRT Integrity Platform Interchange Event


In the afternoon of Oct. 7, 2015, BOHSR launched the "TIAA MRT System (inclusive of Zhongli Extension Line) Engineering Project-Integrity Platform Interchange Event" and invited the Public Construction Commission (PCC), Agency Against Corruption (AAC), relevant governmental organizations, local government, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and supplier representatives. The event comprised a TIAA MRT system tour and a subsequent forum to discuss subjects and resolutions regarding integrity matters. The event was targeted to ensure that the TIAA MRT Project will complete on schedule with expected quality and ultimately set a goal standard for communication engineering that simultaneously possesses the features "integrity, efficiency, expertise and security".
First, the guests were led to TIAA MRT construction sites and the Chingpu OCC The guests and supplier representatives were asked to sign the "Incorruptness Strategy and Consensus Memorandum" to show determination in mutual integrity partnership. Then, the subsequent forum was held with Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan of MOTC as host and Representative Director Yi-Chang Yeh of Transparency International Chinese Taipei, Director Yu-Hsing Ho of PCC, Deputy Director General Shih-Ching Yang of AAC, Lead Prosecutor Hsiu-Ming Lin of Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office, Director General Bun-Chi Kao of Department of Transportation, Taoyuan and General Manager Kai-Ling Chen of Taoyuan Metro Corp. as representatives. In the forum, participating parties exchanged perspectives on subjects such as "how to improve cooperation, communication and law assistance functions in the integrity platform" and hoped to deepen administrative transparency and together build up an incorruptive and high-quality public construction environment.
In the Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan's conclusive speech, he indicated that incorruption is a generally accepted value no matter domestically or internationally and is definitely not limited in governmental organizations. Therefore, in order to successfully promote this concept, both private and governmental powers are required. Utilizing the integration platform will strengthen mutual trust between the public, suppliers, public servants, engineering units, supervisors and inspection organizations and form a harmonic public construction environment that will ensure exceeding quality of transport and communication projects. Furthermore, under this platform, public servants will perform duties with confidence, rights of suppliers will be protected, and our people can enjoy the benefits of high-quality public services. On the other hand, the engineering personnel will take on more responsibility, bring their professions into full play and ultimately achieve the goal of benefiting all parties.

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