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桃園國際機場聯外捷運系統延伸至中壢火車站工程老街溪站(A22)簡介 Introduction to the Laojie River Station (A22) of TIAA MRT System extend to Zhongli Railway Station Construction Project


1. Station Distribution and Facilities
Laojie River Station (A22) is located at the cross-section of Zhongfeng Road and Zhongyang W. Road. The station is an island platform station with three underground floors. The interior station area is 16.3 m in width and 126.5 m in length. Station entrances/ exits are distributed on both east and west side of Zhongfeng Road, respectively in YongHsing Park and in the urban park planning area. Above-ground facilities include entrances A and B, vent shafts X and Y. The two entrances areas are both equipped with barrier-free elevators.

2. Station Architectural Design and Concept
Laojie River Station (A22) is located in Zhongli City by Laojie Riverside. The original habitat was rich in aquatic plants due to numerous ponds originated in the area. The design concept was to transfer the original geological sceneries into the station design. The concept was established by four representing Chinese words: "Ping (duckweed), Tang (ponds), Ching (purity) and Liu (mobility)".
The eaves of station's entrances/ exits planted one of Taiwan's endemic plants, Yellow Water Lily, to represent the image of life. The clear and curved organic exterior design should express a graceful and gleaming cultural temperament. The team also used Yellow Water Lily on vent shafts to cover the grilles. The construction also included renovation of YongHsing Park which introduced several concepts such as energy conservation, carbon reduction and rain water recirculation into the park. With collocation of natural ventilation, the designer team managed to create a green, unique and ever-changing riverside station area.

  • 老街溪站(A22)建築造型設計緣起「萍、塘、清、流」。
  • 老街溪站(A22)外觀透視示意圖。
  • 出入口B透視圖。
  • 通風井立體透視圖。
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