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第31屆中日工程技術研討會辦理紀要 The 31st Sino-Japanese Modern Technology and Engineering Symposium




The 31st Sino-Japanese Modern Technology and Engineering Symposium- "Railway Facilities Team" was held together by BOHSR, Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Ltd. and CECI Consultants, Ltd. The opening ceremony was held on Dec. 2, 2015 with the attendance of Deputy Minister of MOTC, Mr. Chih-Ku Fan, for the opening speech. The speeches were arranged with the experience sharing from three honorable Japanese guests. Approximately 120 people attended the seminar including several elites in domestic rail operational and engineering fields.
Regarding the promotion of talent, technology, safety and operational development, also coordinating with "Railway Technical Training and Research Institute Project", BOHSR has been expecting to establish an institute for railway-operations employee skills training and a technical platform for introducing independent verification and certification. The particularly selected topics and lecturers are detailed as follows:
Topic I: Japan Railway Security Policy
Lecturer: Mr. Tomoyuki Nakano, Minister, Transport Facilities Maintenance Support Department, Independent Administrative Railway Construction Agency

Topic II: JR Driver Training System and Implementation Methods
Lecturer: Mr. Shung Lin, Director, Department of Railway Transport-Power, West Japan Railway Co.

Topic III: 13 Years History and Future Prospect of JR Tokai Technical Development Department (Komaki Research Facility)
Lecturer: Mr. Nagaoka Tatsuya Nakajima, Deputy Director, Technical,Development Department, Tokai Railway Company
The experience exchanging and discussion afterwards were very enthusiastic and active in which the participants absorbed a lot of knowledge. On Dec. 3, BOHSR arranged a tour for the Japanese guests to TIAA MRT A18 and A22 stations with a simple briefing and a subsequent ride back on the HSR. With efforts from multiple units, the event ended successfully.

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