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機場捷運中壢延伸線軌道工程簡介 Introduction to the TIAA MRT Extension Line Rail Engineering Project (TR01 Tender of CM01 Section Tender)

機場捷運中壢延伸線工程範圍起於機場捷運環北站(A21,不含),沿中豐路南行,至中央西路與中豐路口附近設置老街溪站(A22)後,路線續直行至中山路附近東轉穿越民宅下方至中正路,再沿中正路至目前臺鐵中壢火車站位址下方,設置與未來臺鐵中壢高架火車站共站的中壢車站(A23),包含預留未來桃園捷運藍線銜接使用的潛盾隧道工作井,路線全長約2.06 km,採地下化方式施作。

The construction range of TIAA MRT Zhongli Extension Line starts from TIAA MRT Huanbei Station (A21, excluded) and extends south along Zhongfeng Road where the Laojie River Station (A22) is set at the intersection with Zhongyang W. Road. The extension line continues and makes a turn at Zhongshan Road and reaches Zhongzheng Road after undercrossing a residential area. Then, the route continues along Zhongzheng Road to the south side of the current Zhongli Train Station which will be the location of the future Zhongli Station (A23) integrating the TRA and TIAA MRT systems. The total length of the underground extension line is 2.06km and the project will reserve a shield tunnel shaft for future connection with the Taoyuan Metro Blue Line.
The tender contents included rail design, manufacturing, procurement, shipping, engineering, installation, testing, warranty, system training and the integration testing with the E&M system. The major engineering items included 300m of non-ballast track, 3,671m of non-ballast floating slab track, 4 sets of non-ballast floating slab turnouts, one set of non-ballast floating slab diamond crossing and conduct rail engineering of the entire extension line.
Currently, the tender is under the design document examination process and the main designing specifications are as table.

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