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交通部高鐵沿線地層下陷防治專案小組執行紀實 Implementation Report of HSR Alongside Land Subsidence Prevention Ad Hoc Group of MOTC


To eradicate the land subsidence issue along HSR routes, the Executive Yuan respectively ratified "Specific Solutions and Action Plans Confronting Land Subsidence in Yunlin and Changhua Areas (the 1st amendment)" in 2013 May and "Golden Agricultural Corridor Project" in 2013 Dec. The projects successfully reduced groundwater usage which effectively slowed down the land subsidence issue in Yunlin and Changhua areas and brought positive impact toward HSR structural and operational safety in that area.
To monitor the land subsidence condition alongside HSR routes and generate response measures, MOTC established the "HSR Alongside Land Subsidence Prevention Ad Hoc Group" in 2008 to provide a coordination platform to assist relevant organizations in dealing with the matter. The MOTC Ad Hoc Group held meetings each season to implement actions that are ratified by the Executive Yuan, including: monitoring subsiding degree of HSR piers and ensuring HSR operational safety, reacting to differential subsidence issue using engineering techniques, establishing HSR alongside loading regulations in Changhua and Yunlin areas, surface measurements at the intersection of HSR and Provincial Highway 78, monitoring stratum condition and restricting HSR alongside loading, etc. The loading restrictions within 150m of HSR routes have been added in the Railway Act and will be formally promulgated after confirmation of MOI and MOTC. On the other hand, HSR additional station and the embankment dismantling construction of Provincial Highway 78 have been 100% completed and have been officially relieved in the 17th Meeting of MOEA Land Subsidence Prevention Committee which showed significant impact on the improvement of HSR pier subsiding status.
Further going, BOHSR will continue to supervise THSRC to implement safety checks of HSR piers under over-pumping groundwater circumstances. Moreover, the "HSR Alongside Land Subsidence Prevention Ad Hoc Group" will continue to promote well management measures and response actions in Changhua and Yunlin areas to ensure HSR structural and operational safety.

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