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阿里山森林鐵路竹崎至奮起湖段復駛通車 Re-operation of Alishan Forest Railway from Fenqihu to Zhuqi
竹崎- 奮起湖復駛典禮。


After 4 and a half years of continuous typhoon reconstruction work, crew recruitment and training, operational preparations and safety checks, the section between Fenqihu and Zhuqi of Alishan Forest Railway started to re-operate on January 27th, 2014.
In August 2009, Alishan Railway was greatly destructed by Typhoon Morakot in which many rail tracks were seriously damaged and broken off, and the government spent over 1 billion NT dollars in reconstruction work . Besides , Alishan Railway went through authority change to the Forestry Bureau in May 2010 which caused insufficiency in operation workforce. Subsequently, the Forestry Bureau commissioned Taiwan Railways Administration to assist with operation issues and training of newly recruited crew members. Then, throughout 2013, the Rail Operation and Supervision Team from MOTC gathered experts to conduct numerous on-site inspections, which covered civil engineering, rolling stock, operational and passenger service, safety, emergency response, etc. After all preliminary work, the section between Fenqihu and Zhuqi was finally ready for re-operation.
Ever since the reopening of Alishan Railway, trains were all packed during Chinese New Year Holidays. From this phenomenon we can see that re-operation of the Forest Railway is not only appreciated by the public, but is also a great motivation toward local tourism development. The current operation schedule for route Chiayi to Fenqihu is one uphill train and one downhill train per day with an additional uphill train on Saturdays and one dowhill westbound train on Sundays. In the near future, with additional headcounts of train drivers, train frequency may be increased according to passenger demand. This will provide more people with the opportunity to experience the history of this hundred-year-old railway.

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