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高速鐵路兩側禁限建便民查詢 Building Restrictions along the HSR Facilities Inquiry Service


To verify whether a development action will impact the structure or operational safety of the HSR system, according to "The Encouragement Statute", local governments regulated that development action in HSR restriction areas (60 meters from HSR structure) shall be inspected by BOHSR. Currently, inquiry cases including individual cases, architect firm cases, engineering consultant cases and local government cases have been established to verify if related development actions are within the HSR restriction areas.
To provide convenience to the public, BOHSR directly replied to applicants regarding the building restriction queries and simultaneously copied the results to corresponding local government to save time and simplify procedures between departments. For the cases with incorrect land numbers or omitted documents, BOHSR will directly confirm with the applicant and replace the documents via fax or email immediately and provide the applicant with the results promptly (see figure).
In summary, the HSR building restriction inquiry service has received a total of 723 cases from January to October (2015) and BOHSR has processed the cases at a rate of 0.61 days/case in average which should meet the expectations of the inquirers.

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