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毛院長肯定高鐵南港站將有助系統運轉與服務提升 Premier Mao Expressed Affirmation regarding the Enhancement of System Operation and Services after the Opening of HSR Nangang Station


Following the three additional stations, Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin, which were just opened on Dec. 1 2015, HSR Nangang Station is on the verge of completion and will soon join the HSR operational route. On Jan. 6, Premier Mao of Executive Yuan especially made time to inspect the construction progress of HSR Nangang Station in which he acknowledged the efforts of the construction staff and encouraged everyone to keep up the great work. He anticipated the construction team to remain committed to safety and quality requirements during all necessary testing and pre-operational procedures.
HSR Nangang Station is the first extension made to the HSR system since its opening in 2007 which will extend system length from 345 km to 350 km and increase total HSR stations into 12 stations after official operation of Nangang Station. The HSR starting point will be transferred from Taipei Main Station to Nangang Station. This alteration will resolve the current train distribution limitations since HSR Taipei Station only possesses 2 platforms and 4 tracks. With 3 platforms and 6 tracks in the new station, train distribution capacity will be increased forming the foundation of HSR loading growth.
Furthermore, the opening of HSR Nangang Station will be the final edge to form the Nangang co-constructed with HSR, TRA and MRT systems making it the third train station in Taipei. HSR Nangang Station is estimated to disperse 25% HSR ridership in Taipei area and the newest transportation hub to come. In addition, the opening of the station will give rise to economic efficiency of land use and further promote development and transition of Nangang district.

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