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本局榮獲交通部104年度交通工程環境影響評估追蹤考核第2名報導 BOHSR Won 2nd Place in the 2015 Follow-up Evaluation of the Environment Impact Assessment of Transportation Engineering


The "Taoyuan Urban Area MRT A22-23 (originally B9-10) Station Route Alteration Project" carried out by BOHSR won second place in the "2015 Environment Impact On-site Assessment of Transportation Engineering" hosted by MOTC. Minister Chen personally awarded the trophy on Jan. 7, 2016.
Reasons that led to this result included that "Taoyuan Urban Area MRT A22-23 Station Route Alteration Project" had fulfilled environmental commitments and regulations, had not received any fine, had complied with all environmental provisions since groundbreaking and manifested results of the following five aspects: energy-saving & carbon reduction, green building, green station, sustainable environmental education and friendly neighborhood. Moreover, the construction crew took greening station to be the main achieving task on the road to building an environmental-friendly community. In summary, the MOTC Environmental Task Force members were extremely satisfied with the environmental efforts that the construction team had implemented.

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