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高鐵桃園產專區之華泰名品城盛大開幕 GLORIA OUTLETS Grand Opening in HSR Taoyuan Commercial/Manufacturing Park

位於高速鐵路桃園車站及機場捷運高鐵桃園站(A18)旁,由國泰人壽及華泰大飯店合作之華泰名品城(GLORIA OUTLETS)第一期於104年12月18日盛大開幕,占地約16,000多坪,一、二樓以國際精品及運動休閒品牌為主,三樓則為主題餐廳,第二期預計於今年第三季投入營運,後續尚包括三、四期的Outlet,以及辦公大樓、觀光旅館等設施,將使高鐵桃園車站特定區逐步邁向國際商務城之發展目標。開幕式由桃園市鄭市長文燦、交通部范次長植谷、本局鍾總工程司維力、華泰大飯店集團陳董事長天貴、華泰大飯店集團陳執行長炯福、國泰人壽熊總經理明河等貴賓共同剪綵。

On Dec. 18, 2015, Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and GLORIA HOTEL GROUP together launched the grand opening of GLORIA OUTLETS-first phase. The first phase of this project covered approximately 52,900 m2 with international boutique and sports & leisure brands on the first and second floor and theme restaurants on the third floor. The second phase of this project is scheduled to open in the third quarter this year. Subsequent projects including the third and fourth phase of the outlet, office buildings and hotels are also scheduled to break ground. HSR Taoyuan Station District is targeting to successively develop into an international business area. On the opening day, Taoyuan City Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng, MOTC Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan, BOHSR Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung, GLORIA HOTEL GROUP President Tien-Kuei Chen, GLORIA HOTEL GROUP CEO John Chen and Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. General Manager Ming-Ho Hsiung participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Recently, significant constructions surrounding HSR Taoyuan Station have been successively completed. For instance, the TIAA MRT A19 Station Land Development Project have broken ground on Nov. 23, 2015, the 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival is scheduled to be held in the station district, the TIAA MRT line is scheduled to officially open this year, the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project, World Trade Center Project and Asia Research Center Project are all planned to be constructed in this district. After official operation of the TIAA MRT System, more passengers will pass through HSR Taoyuan Station to the airport highlighting the unique position of HSR Taoyuan Station being the primary stop of international travelers. We believe that the completion of these multiple projects will bring tremendous enhancement of living functions and quality of leisure to the district.

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