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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列報導(五) 新北產業園區站(A3)-□城市鄰居 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (5) New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3)- “□City-neighbors”


There are two public art pieces in New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3) and we will introduce the piece installed on the curved wall in the outdoor plaza, “□City-neighbors”, in this month’s newsletter.
This art piece comprised 10 frames of glass and the contents are taken from the artist, Ms. Pei-Yu Lai’s, actual visits and records to various international cities including Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. The artist captured different appearances of each city via her camera lens and through art, the images are turned into abstract icons in the shape of "□". By circulating, rearrangement, repetition, and coding, the cities reappear in a form that allows observers to imagine the city in this abstract form. In the globalizing generation, the “City Series” artworks often reflected a seemingly abstract but genuine place.
By centering Taipei City and connecting out to these internationally-recognized urban windows from a distanced vision, “□City-neighbors” symbolized the MRT system that receives passengers from places all around and further bringing out a borderless but eternally neighbored international concept. The graphic symbol implied a common language of the globalization era and the spirited colors presented another dimension of the city.

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