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台灣高鐵緊急應變綜合演練觀察紀實 Observation Report of THSRC General Drill on Emergency Measures


In view of the Japan Shikansen railway tragedy that happened in June 2015 where a passenger set himself on fire causing 22 casualties and over 200 minutes delay in the Shikansen System, THSRC especially invited the Fire Bureau, Police Department and Public Health Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government and the Railway Police Bureau to plan a drill in hope of preventing this type of incidents from happening and ensuring passenger safety. On Dec. 16, 2015, 289 THSRC staff and external units were mobilized to carry out the annual major drill on emergency measures.
This drill was hosted by THSRC President Wei-Chi Liu and CEO Guan-Yuan Cheng and divided into two stages. The first stage is fire simulation starting from incident report, taking refuge to evacuation. During the simulation, the fire bureau arrived first to the rescue with the police department handling disaster relief and traffic control followed by the public health bureau and E-Da Hospital processing a large number of casualties. THSRC also distributed the Zuoying Disaster Prevention and Relief Task Force to coordinate with external units and assist with passenger transfer. On the other hand, the train fire was put out by firefighters after confirming the grounding safety procedures. Then, forensic personnel collected evidence on the scene followed by the service brigage surveying damage caused by this disaster and the first stage of the drill came to an end.
The second stage was held at various training locations for maintenance technique demonstrations. The demonstrations included maintenance protocols on train cabin roof, fixation of a damaged panograph, rerailing of a 700T train (including wheel mule installation and connection of 700T and the locomotive), reconnection of a broken contact line and other procedures. The demonstrations showed strong energy of our rescue and recover capabilities and the drill ended with flying colors and praise from the guests.

  • 救護區進行傷患急救。
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