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104年度環境教育執行成果報導 2015 BOHSR Environmental Education Trainings

本局持續辦理環保相關訓練至今已屆14年,104年環教的重點就放在綠建築和生態設計等項目的學習。在推動環境教育訓練後,感受到同仁對環境保護的更為重視,工作上也能將保護環境的概念納入規劃設計及施工。甚至更推展到日常生活的落實,直接影響到身旁親友的生活習慣。在積極推動下,交通部臉書粉絲團(美好生活的連結者)於 104年9月22日刊載本局執行環境教育訓練之成果。本局(含捷運工程處)所有人員約442人於11月30日前皆已完成4小時以上的環境教育訓練),為推動全民環境教育的理念打下良好的基礎。

BOHSR has vigorously held and promoted environmental education trainings each year. In 2015, BOHSR carried out 6 trainings with the first to fourth trainings outdoor trainings. Two trainings were cohosted with THSRC and the other two hosted by BOHSR. The topics of the two trainings that were cohosted by BOHSR and THSRC were "HSR Environmental Achievements Tour" and "Lessons in Taipei Environmental Certified Parks". The fifth training included a lecture by Manager, Mr. Chih-Yuan Wang, of Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Ltd. on "Reflections of Positive Impact from Significant Development Projects in Taiwan" and a lecture from Section Chief, Mr. Yu-Chun Chen, of the Sixth Division on "The Importance of Organic Diet- the Jacana Restoration Project and Green Conservation Certification". In the sixth training, Dr. Shih-Wei Ma from Department of Civil Engineering, Chung Hua University were invited to share with us "Notices and Alarms of Environmental Impact regarding Taiwan Significant Development Projects"and also the Sixth Division presented the topic, "Influence of Green Conservation Certification in Taiwan". Participants in the trainings included not only associates from BOHSR and MRT Engineering Office but contractors of the TIAA MRT Project were also welcomed to attend.
BOHSR has constantly held environment-related trainings for 14 years and the highlights of this year’s trainings are green building and eco-design. After the years of promotional trainings, we discovered that participants valued the environment more and not only brought what they have learned in the trainings to work but also brought the concepts home to their families and friends. In recognition of our promotion, MOTC reported the BOHSR training series-"Connecting a Better Living Style" on their official Facebook page on Sep. 22, 2015. Up until Nov. 30, all 442 associates in BOHSR (including MRT Engineering Office) have completed at least four hours of environmental education training continuing to build a strong foundation for the belief in environmental education trainings.

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