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機場捷運車輪車床功能簡介 Introduction to the TIAA MRT Wheel Lathe Equipment


The wheel lathe equipment is distributed in the wheel-axle workshop in Chingpu Depot. The main function of this equipment is to process the wheelset tread and brake discs of EMUs and construction carts by rolling the wheelset to operate the surface wheel lathe. Components of the wheel lathe includes machine tool, guideways, tailstocks, elevating-driving systems device, saddles with positioning-measuring heads, crossing cylinders, centring units of wheelset, chips chute system, inclined rail platform, hydraulic power pack, electrification control system, swarf conveyor and dust & fume exhaust.
The wheel lathe is equipped with the latest CNC and measurement systems. The precise processing capabilities of the CNC system which comprises a continuous variable inlet compartment includes adjusting longitudinal and transverse inlet rate, auto-display of cutting position, error diagnosis and wheel profile replacement and reprogramming functions. On the other hand, the measurement system can not only measure wheel rim height, thickness and wheel radius but export reports containing processed time, train numbers, bogie numbers, operator codes and before & after geometric dimensions of wheel treads. Furthermore, by adopting the dry machining method that utilizes simplified and reliable cutters with no cutting fluid produced in the process, advantages of high productivity with low cost can be achieved. Besides, this method has further advantages including allowing various wheel profiles to be reconditioned by the same set of cutters, easy troubleshooting, low maintenance costs and user-friendly interface which will fulfill comprehensive maintenance demands.

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