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高鐵台中車站地區「物流共和國(台中)園區」開工典禮 Groundbreaking Ceremony of “Logistic Republic (Taichung) Park” in HSR Taichung Station District

「物流共和國(台中)園區」基地位於高鐵台中車站地區,本局所管有之新高鐵段 101 及 108 地號,為本局於高鐵台中車站地區第一宗以設定地上權方式成功招商之開發經營案,由「國泰人壽保險股份有限公司」結合「永聯物流開發」取得30年的開發經營權,並與本局於104年1月完成簽約。由於高鐵台中車站集海陸空鐵核心樞紐之優勢,「永聯物流開發」規劃於本基地上,打造臺灣中部首座國際物流產業園區。

In the morning of Jan. 5, 2016, the groundbreaking ceremony of “Logistic Republic (Taichung) Park” took place in HSR Taichung Station District. Deputy Chief Engineer Hsin-Shih Lu attended as BOHSR’s representative who gave a brief speech and participated in the shovel-moving ceremony.
The base of “Logistic Republic (Taichung) Park” is located within the HSR Taichung Station District which belonged to New HSR Section Land No.101 & 108 managed by BOHSR. This development project was the first successful superficies tender in which 30 years of management authority of this land was contracted to Cathay Life Insurance Corp. collaborating with Ally Logistic Property Co. Ltd. The official contract was signed in January 2015. Due to the geological advantages of HSR Taichung Station in land, sea and air, Ally Logistic Property planned to build the first international logistics industrial park in central Taiwan.
Ally Logistic Property actively planned the development project and successfully obtained the construction license on Dec. 31, 2015. The project was designed to be a compound cross-border e-commerce industrial park with the most modern logistics facilities to introduce cross-border e-commerce industries from upstream to downstream, logistics and transportation industries, cross-border service centers, corporate headquarters, etc. In addition, by utilizing the structural advantage of TRA/HSR Taichung Station, the project is planned to combine tourism, sales and distributing centers to create a participating experience and turning a new leaf in the conventional logistics industry. The project will turn into the foundation of large-scale industries in central Taiwan to promote international logistics and cross-border e-commerce industries. By creating new-generation additional value to industries, a whole new beginning of logistics and industrial development in Taichung area will be written.

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