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本局雲端桌面簡介 Introduction to BOHSR's Cloud Desktop

由於行動辦公室發展已是本局未來資訊發展重要方向,發展雲端桌面之雲端服務,具體效益如下:1.「資源整合」與「有效利用」快速建立各種應用軟體雲。2.使用端軟體免安裝服務,可大量降低軟體管理與維護成本。3.提供跨區域雲端列印,完成行動辦公室服務。4.提供資料集中管理 (節省人力維護費用)。5.應用軟體使用授權管理,購置費用有效管理(節省軟體費用)。未來將進一步整合本局所有應用系統於雲端桌面,使本局整體行動力再次提升,增進本局整體工作效能。

The increase in mobile device usage resulted in the development of paperless environment and ability of action enhancement. Due to this significant change in the society, a serious demand in using document-processing software, official document systems and multimedia software on tablets has occurred. However, due to the limitations of operating systems (OS) or memory storage in current mobile devices (tablets), the installation of many application systems are infeasible. To resolve the problem of inconvenience of installing application software onto our mobile devices, BOHSR decided to introduce cloud service THINPLUS into our cloud desktop system in 2013 after internal evaluation.
The initial plan is to upload applications provided by bureau (including document-processing software, official document systems, multimedia software, etc.) onto the THINPLUS main server. The THINPLUS System will be safely monitored by our bureau's firewall and the main server will be installed in DMZ area. The System will allow mobile devices of different OSs to have access to the desktop application system either through internal or external network connections.
On account of office mobility being a major IT development direction in BOHSR, the practical benefits of developing the cloud desktop are as follows: 1. Achieving resource integration and efficiency by establishing diverse categories of software clouds. 2. Discarding the need of software installation which could significantly decrease software management and maintenance expense. 3. Achieving office mobility by providing cloud-printing function across different departments. 4. Providing central management of resources (cost reduction on manpower maintenance). 5. Efficient management on application software procurement by using authorization management (cost reduction on software). In the future, we are planning to integrate all of the bureau's application systems onto the cloud desktop. The integration will definitely upgrade our ability of action into a next level and enhance the overall work efficiency of BOHSR.

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