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新北市政府於機場捷運新北產業園區站(A3)~泰山貴和站(A6)設置自行車租賃站 Installation of Bicycle Rental Stations at TIAA MRT A3 to A6 Stations by the New Taipei City Government


In coordination with the New Taipei City Government in promoting the green transport concept, BOHSR supported the city government to install Youbike rental stops in the station districts of New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3), Xinzhuang Fuduxin Station (A4), Taishan Station (A5) and Taishan Guihe Station (A6) to achieve this concept and provide a more comprehensive low-carbon transfer system in the city. The stop at A3 Station has 44 parking spaces and is located at the north-side pedestrian sidewalk of Exit No.1. The stop at A4 Station has 46 parking spaces and is located on the pavement outside of Exit No.2. The stop at A5 Station has 34 parking spaces and is located in the station plaza outside of Exit No.1. The stop at A6 Station is located outside of Exit No.1 and provides 38 parking spaces. Through comprehensive distribution of bicycle rental stops in New Taipei City, a low-carbon short-distance transportation network will be gradually established.

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