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本局參與104年度台南水雉生態教育園區工作執行報導 Implementation Report on BOHSR’s Participation in Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park in 2015


The Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park was initiated by the "HSR Pheasant-tailed Jacana Conservation Project" carried out by BOHSR and approved by the EPA. The park was established in 1999 consisting 15 hectares of pheasant-tailed jacana restoration habitat. The establishment of the Park was only possible with successful coordination and contribution of funds by Tainan City Government, THSRC, Forestry Bureau and relevant conservative parties. The jacanas grew from less than 50 in 1999 to over 711 birds now and the community is gradually becoming stable.
In 2015, there were 117 adult birds (39 female; 78 male) that participated in reproduction. The bird count peaked 172 only once but had remained an average of 100 birds throughout the year. Due to frequent rain in July and August, many eggs did not successfully hatch, resulting in a lower reproduction rate and population comparing to last year. Regarding the pesticide poisoning incident, there were only 3 poisoned jacanas in December last year thanks to the park staff and Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation who proactively expanded the protection net in winter and promoted the concept of pesticide reduction to local farmers.
Last year, besides the 17,469 individuals who entered the park, the Park also actively launched many environmental education trainings including 9 wetlands camps for teachers and students which attracted 403 participants. In addition, the Park conducted 51 educational trainings at schools benefiting 3,734 people. Moreover, there were 9 lectures co-hosted by the Park and nearby communities with a total of 141 attendees. To show support and consensus in the Park's environmental concept, BOHSR sent 80 representatives to the Park for an educational visit on Sep. 22. Furthermore, BOHSR attended the opening ceremony of Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Festival on Sep. 27 in which the annual theme was "A Jacana Life, The Water Chestnut Start", targeting to send the message of jacana preservation and the concept of protecting the wetland habitat and its wildlife.

  • 104年12月6日菱角鳥大調查時發現官田某農田上有百隻左右水雉群聚。
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