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國營及民營鐵路列車駕駛人員檢定給證管理規則修正發布 Promulgation Regulations for Driver Qualification.License Issuance and Management of Public and Private Railways Amendment


To enforce supervision and management of drivers for public railways and to amend the national railway certification system into a more robust system, MOTC promulgated the “Promulgation Regulations for Driver Qualification.License Issuance and Management of Public and Private Railways” on Dec. 28, 2015. Henceforth, drivers are subjected to MOTC driver’s examination and must obtain the MOTC certificate in order to provide driving service for the TRA.
In the past, MOTC had not establish a national railway certification system for railway drivers making internal trainings and examinations performed by railway organizations the only way to evaluate the driver’s professional knowledge, skills and suitability for the job. It was not until 2006, just before official operation of the HSR System, did MOTC amend private railway supervision regulations and finally established a formal examination and license issuance system for private railway drivers. Subsequently, the first national railway driver’s license was issued. Over these years, implementation of the driver’s examination and license issuance by MOTC has accomplished the function of third-party supervision and has effectively increased credibility of the driver examination. Consequently, MOTC amended relevant regulations in 2014 and 2015 to include public railways into the range of this driver examination and certification system. From 2016 onwards, current qualified drivers for passenger trains and maintenance trains in TRA will obtain their driver’s license from MOTC. In the near future, drivers for the forest railway will follow this equal procedure after the transfer of its management authority to TRA and recognized also as a public railway system.
This amendment included articles for HSR procedures which added the HSR dispatch license and deleted the issuance regulations for foreign drivers. In addition, internal skills examination and physical examination qualifications will be considered as obligatory documents in the 6-year driver’s license renewing process. The purpose of these amendments is aimed to ensure operational safety by supervising railway organizations to practice personnel management and the drivers to maintain professional capabilities.

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