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機場捷運車站環景空間導覽系統簡介 Introduction to the TIAA MRT 3D Panorama Navigation System

未來系統完成後除可透過網路與桌上型電腦或筆記型電腦以網頁連結方式展現外,亦將嘗試規劃以APP方式提供行動載具下載APP,亦將與Google街景及Google Earth結合,可在Google搜尋、Google Earth或Google地圖服務網站中展現。


The TIAA MRT System stretches 51.03 kilometers passing through Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City making it the longest mass rapid transport system in Taiwan. The system comprises 22 stations with 15 elevated stations and 7 underground stations. The initiation of the 3D panorama navigation system was aimed to help passengers to be acquainted with street landscape, station exterior public facilities, station entrances, and the current status of interior facilities of each station prior to their actual travel. We hope that with this system, passengers will grasp immediate updates of the TIAA MRT stations no matter before or after business operation.
The 3D panorama view comprises 360 degrees horizontally plus 360 degrees vertically creating a 720 degrees panorama view. By touring in the three-dimensional space, the user can rotate the image freely creating immersive visual effects.
The TIAA MRT 3D Panorama Navigation System not only took spatial distribution of each station and passenger demands into consideration but also combined high altitude view, surface view and immersive station interior view to bring out station information introduction achieving the purpose of letting the passengers learn of the current station status and surrounding areas prior to a TIAA MRT ride. If operated by a computer, the user can control up & down, left & right and forward & backward directions via the mouse and can also slowly play the auto-rotate mode. If controlled on a smartphone or tablet, up & down, left & right, forward & backward, zoom in & out and rotating functions can be done on the touch screen.
The system will be available on a webpage for access by PC or laptops soon and the research team is also working on a smartphone APP that will be combined with Google Street View and Google Earth and will be available via Google Search, Google Earth and Google Maps.
The filming and production of high altitude panorama view has been finished and the filming and production of station interior and exterior areas will be gradually processed in coordination with the final cleaning phase of each station.

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