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環球購物中心進駐機場捷運長庚醫院站(A8站)共開大樓商場 Global Mall Stationed in the Co-developed Building in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (A8) Station


On May 11, 2016, the TIAA MRT Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (A8) Station co-developed building has completed construction and obtained usage license. The co-developed building is an integrated structure of TIAA MRT A8 Station and the mall with 4 underground floors and 18 floors above ground. The B2 floor is the parking lot for MRT transfer, B1 to 2nd floor is the shopping mall, 3rd to 9th floor consists of residence and boutique hotel and 10th to 18th floors are residences.
In January 2016, BOHSR signed the unified management contract with Ya Shou Development Co., Ltd. stating the company responsible for management of the mall, hotel and parking lot (excluding residential parking spaces); among which, the mall and parking lot will be managed by Global Mall Co., Ltd.
The business direction of Global Mall Linkou A8 Branch is to facilitate the convenience of living by gathering shopping, dining, culture and leisure as one. The overall design of the mall adopted a natural masculine style with a smooth sense of design offering a bright and comfortable shopping and leisure space. The 2nd floor shopping mall is directly connected with the TIAA MRT lobby floor and can also conveniently access to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital by an air bridge. In addition to the themed restaurants, tapas bars and other exotic restaurants on the 2nd floor, complex shops with light meal catering are on the 1st floor and on the B1 , core living brands are the main appeal combining sports living concept stores. The co-developed building will undoubtedly build up excellent living functionalities in local district.

  • 環球林口A8店2樓商場。
  • 明亮舒暢的購物休憩空間。
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