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雙鐵軌道技術交流會議紀要 Summary of the TRA and HSR Technology Interchange Meeting


In view of the scale of domestic rail network has been built to a considerable size, along with high degree of professionalism and experience in heritage of rail technology, MOTC coordinated BOHSR to instruct TRA and THSRC in arranging a rail talent interchange mechanism and establish a rail technology communications channel. Authorities hoped to achieve the purpose of talent, information and maintenance experience sharing between organizations. Additionally, through the diverse interaction mechanism, we hope to enhance the safety and quality of service.
Regarding the “rail technical research” subject, BOHSR held three interchange meetings on Dec. 14 in 2015, Jan. 13 and 25 in 2016 to discuss civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering issues respectively. Discussed matters included strengthening of civil engineering facilities, maintenance and monitoring of switch machine and OCS, rail abrasion study and enhancement of train maintenance. In the meeting, TRA and THSRC briefed respectively and invited Department of Railways and Highways of the MOTC, RRB and BOHSR personnel to join the discussion and share experiences. All suggestions and measures raised in the meetings were recorded as future reference for promotion of the interchange mechanism. The meeting reached a successful end among enthusiastic and active participation of the various units and BOHSR has already started planning follow-up promotion matters of the periodic interchange mechanism.

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