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高鐵南港站無障礙設施勘檢辦理情形 Summary of the Barrier-Free Facilities Inspection at HSR Nangang Station


Since the opening of the high-speed rail, the system has played the role of a top student for accessible transportation but with the evolution of the times, the demand for accessibility has a different way of thinking. In consequence, BOHSR invited a total of 10 people including representatives of various organizations, experts and scholars to form a “BOHSR General Barrier-Free Transportation Environment Committee” to assist with improving the barrier-free of HSR-related facilities.
The HSR Nangang Station is a co-constructed station with the TRA system. The main structure was constructed by RRB and has been completed before promulgation of the “Design Specifications of Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities” in 2008. As a result, related barrier-free of facilities and equipment do not fully comply with the latest revision of regulatory requirements in November of 2012. However, to provide passengers a more environment-friendly transport service, BOHSR invited members from the “BOHSR General Barrier-Free Transportation Environment Committee” to visit Nangang Station on Jan. 18, 2016 to review related accessibility with the latest regulations and standards and demand THSRC for corresponding improvement.
HSR Nangang Station will soon join the ranks of operation in mid-2016 and friendly traffic environment has always been the goal of our insistence and efforts. Through this inspection and subsequent improvement, we anticipate that after the opening of Nangang Station, all travelers regardless of gender and age or with limited mobility can feel our efforts in providing a welcoming transport service.

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