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本局105年度環境教育訓練第一場執行報導 The 1st BOHSR 2016 Environment Educational Training


To promote environmental education and raise the environmental vision of our associates, BOHSR together with National Taiwan Museum (NTM) and Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) hosted the 1st environment educational training in March 2016 as an echo to International Earth Day.
The training was an outdoor training in which the morning course was arranged by NTM to visit natural conservation sites. The first site was the special exhibition in the main building of NTM, “Musemble City: A Dream Experiencing Project for Modernity”. The exhibition takes NTM as the space of the body and “Taipei City” as a reference object to collect 45 valuable buildings expressive of modernity in the “memory zone” of old town Taipei to formulate a cultural district of the capital city. This exhibition will serve as a catalyst to integrate urban spaces by the Dream Project in order to construct a virtual guide system of the Dream Museum City. At the end of the morning course, Deputy Director Hua-Ching Lin gave a lecture on “Utilizing Consumer’s Power to Conserve Farmland Ecosystems” and anticipated students to choose agricultural-friendly products in their daily shopping. He hoped that the students will utilize the power of consumption to protect the farmland ecosystems in Taiwan and help preserve a sustainable habitat for all creatures.
In the afternoon course, the class was brought to Daxi, Taoyuan and the upstream area of Shihmen Reservoir to see an actual preservation case- Daxi Tea Factory. The tour at Daxi Tea Factory brought participants to understand the successful story of ‘no fertilizer farming’ combined with the restoration of historical architectures carried out by TTC. The organic black tea produced in recent years not only brought Daxi Tea Factory to its former prosperity but along with natural farming and in-person experiencing activities, the tea factory also successfully became the best environment educational site.
This training combined experience sharing and actual in-person experiencing activities which benefited the trainees greatly. During the lectures, trainees interacted enthusiastically with the lecturers and the trainers encouraged participants to make full efforts in protecting our environment by changing their daily habits and make good use of their consumer’s power. By implementation of environmental protection in their work, the environment in not only Taiwan but the whole world would thereby be conserved.

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