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本局榮獲行政院第14屆金馨獎「性別平等創新獎」 BOHSR Won the “Gender Equality Innovation Award” in the 14th Golden Carnation Award Presented by Executive Yuan


1. 靜態彩繪-圍籬綠美化工程

2. 動態影像-大型數位顯示板

The action of BOHSR, "friendly construction and creation of a win-win sub-cultural management project", won the "Gender Equality Innovation Award" in the 14th Golden Carnation Award presented by Executive Yuan. On Mar. 2, 2016, Premier San-Cheng Chang of Executive Yuan presented the award and Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu received the award on behalf of BOHSR. In addition, Senior Engineer Lin-Yao Kuo of MRT Engineering Office briefed in the exchange demonstration meeting.
The purpose of urban MRT is to provide the public with the convenience of life, but it is also undeniable that they interfere with people's lives during initial construction phase. How to transform the interference caused by the construction of the MRT project into promotion of strengthening gender concepts was the major goal of the innovative program and promoting gender equality.
The construction site of this project is at “TIAA MRT System Zhongli Train Station Extension Construction Project CM01 Section Tender” (Laojie River A22 Station). The project combined "static painting" and "motion pictures" to beautify rigid construction fences and pass on the images of gender equality. During implementation of the project, they invited Modern Women’s Foundation to select 9 elementary, junior and senior high schools in the vicinity of the construction site and give out speeches regarding gender equality to inspire creative ideas. In addition to the speeches, they held painting contests to promote interactions of the communities near the MRT project and grow together.

1.Static Painting-Greening and Beautifying Construction Fences
In addition to the flowers and evergreen landscaping, a portion of landscape canvas was presented by gender equality propaganda and painted images. By presenting painted images selected from the painting contest, the gender equality perspective is advocated to passers in a subtle way. Mutual recognition and respect is achieved, creating a harmonious living environment.

2.Motion Pictures-Large Digital Display Board
Installing a large LED display board on the construction fence of the riverbank trail beside Laojie River can not only show the digital contents of this innovative theme but can also play films of engineering vision, construction information and government decrees and promotions.

  • 動態影像-大型數位顯示板。
  • 靜態彩繪-圍籬綠美化工程。
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