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連夜搶修電車線配重塊張力平衡裝置。 Joint Drill in the Tunnel Section of HSR Nangang Station during Earthquake Dispersing and Fire Simulations


In coordination with the near opening of Nangang Station, THSRC invited the fire bureau, police bureau and public health bureau of Taipei City Government and the Railway Police Bureau to co-host the annual large-scale general drill on emergency measures. The purpose of the drill is to understand and become familiar with the emergency exits and evacuation and dispersing route of the new rail section. The event was held in the morning of Mar. 3rd, 2016 in the tunnel section of Nangang Station mobilizing nearly 200 people.
The drill was supervised by THSRC CEO Kung Yeun Jeng and COO Juhn Chen and divided into two stages. The first stage included earthquake simulation and fire simulation and began when the train arrived at the drill venue from Nangang Station. During the drill, staff practiced incident report, soothing passengers, evacuation and dispersing; the fire bureau moved the injured to the ground floor on stretchers; the health bureau proceeded with rescue work on a large number of wounded patients. THSRC also distributed the Nangang Disaster Prevention and Relief Task Force to coordinate with external units and assist with passenger transfer. Then, after collection of evidence on the scene and damage assessment, the first stage of the drill came to an end.
The second stage was the demonstration of THSRC maintenance unit performing inspections and onsite restoration procedures in the tunnel and the drill was announced finished by the presiding officer. The drill was a success in reaching the original goals and received praise from participating guests.

  • 傷患救護演練。
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