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地下管線對鐵路營運安全風險辨識暨鐵路法修法建議研析專家學者座談會 Impact of Underground Pipelines to Railway Operational Safety Risk Identification and Railway Act Amendment Analysis Forum


In view of the bitter experience of Kaohsiung gas explosion that happened in the midnight of July 31th, 2014, THSRC valued the importance of public safety more and took the matter of adjacent bureau or transverse rail underground pipelines that may cause significant disasters seriously. Thus, THSRC assigned CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. to conduct an analysis for impact from underground pipelines to rail operational safety and also taking the current domestic and overseas regulations into consideration. Then, based on analyzed results, relevant pipeline authorizations and competent authorizations can discuss directions for the amendment of Railway Act and further ensure railway operational and passenger safety.
The completion of interim results of the analysis case has been submitted and on Mar. 15th, 2016, THSRC invited Chairman Ching-Lung Liao of Chung-Hwa Railway Industry Development Association, retired Professor Ming-Hsiao Tsai of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Professor Chih-Yung Chen of National Cheng Kung University, Dr. Juin-Fu Chai of National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Dr. Jung-Chou Weng, Dr. Chun-Hsiung Lo and Senior Engineer Jui-Kun Wang of Industrial Technology Research Institute and Consultant Kuo-Yuan Tsai of Formosa Petrochemical Corporation to the forum to discuss with railway organizations, pipeline authorizations, local governments and competent authorities and exchange ideas for future railway regulation amendments. In the forum, experts, scholars and pipeline organizations provided many professional advices and experiences on risk assessment, Railway Act amendments, stray currents and other related issues which resulted in fruitful conclusions.

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