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CM01區段標潛盾隧道工程發進 Ceremony Marking the Launch of Shield-Tunneling Machines of CM01 Section Tender

本標潛盾隧道工程分成6段,所通過之地層土質為砂岩(大南灣層)及卵礫石層(中壢層),採用泥土壓式潛盾工法施工。潛盾機外徑φ6,250㎜、環片外徑φ6,100㎜、環片內徑φ5,600㎜,潛盾機本體長度7,465㎜,潛盾機推進裝置配備千斤頂1,500kN×34.3MPa×1,550㎜×11支、2,000kN×34.3 MPa×1,550㎜×8支,總推力可達32,500kN,伸長速度可達64㎜/min,最小掘進曲率半徑可達100m。

The construction range of TIAA MRT Zhongli Extension Line CM01 Section Tender starts from TIAA MRT Huanbei Station (A21, excluded) and extends south along Zhongfeng Road across Zhongyang W. Rd. and Zhongyang E. Rd. The extension line continues and makes a turn at Zhongzheng Rd. toward east to Zhongli Train Station. The shield-tunnel engineering of MRT extension line is 3,210 meters inclusive of northbound and southbound directions. On May 6th, 2016, the blessing ceremony marking the launch of the shield-tunneling machines was held.
The manufacturer of the shield-tunneling machines is Japan Tunnel Systems Corporation (JTSC). In November 2015, the MRT Engineering Office led a delegation to Yokohama, Japan for shield-tunneling machine manufacturing factory inspection matters. By February 2016, #1 and #2 shield-tunneling machines successively arrived at the construction sites for assembly. Following on May 13th, 2016 was the launching of #1 shield-tunneling machine and the #2 shield-tunneling machine is scheduled to launch on Jun. 24th. The shield-tunneling engineering from Laojie River Station (A22 Station) to Huanbei Station (A21 Station) is scheduled to be completed by end of 2016.
The shield-tunnel engineering of this tender consists of six sections boring through geological substances of sandstone formation (Danawan section) and cobblestone formation (Zhongli section) with the shielded-type shield-tunneling model as the adopted method. As for the measurements of the components, the outer diameter of the shield-tunneling machine is φ6,250㎜, outer diameter of the segment is φ6,100㎜, inner diameter of the segment is φ5,600㎜ and the length of the shield-tunneling machine is 7,465㎜. For the jacks equipped with the shield-tunneling propulsion devices, there are eleven 1,500kN × 34.3MPa × 1,550mm and eight 2,000kN × 34.3MPa × 1,550mm with a total thrust up power of 32,500kN. In addition, the elongation speed can reach 64mm/min and the minimum radius of curvature tunneling is up to 100m.

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