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台灣南北高速鐵路後續工程-南港延伸線工程履勘作業紀要 Inspection “Taiwan North-South High Speed Rail Subsequent Construction-Nangang Extension Line”


The construction cost of the entire Nangang Project is approximately 26 billion dollars and project contents include civil engineering of Nangang Project implemented by the government and architectural renovation, rail engineering, core E&M engineering and substations of Nangang Station executed by THSRC.
Upon completion of the Nangang extension line Project, THSRC applied for construction completion inspection on Jan. 25th, 2016 based on “Rules of Railway Transport System Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service”. In February, MOTC implemented the construction completion inspection and evaluation of improvement measures and confirmed that the construction has achieved full preparation for official operation. Subsequently on Mar. 4th, THSRC applied for MOTC inspection according to Railway Act. In consequence, MOTC executed formality examination and inspection preliminary meeting respectively on Mar. 15th and 22nd and set official inspection date on Apr. 12th.
The inspection team comprised of one Convener, one Vice Convener, a civil engineering group, E&M group and operation group with three committee members in each group. The Convener was chosen by convention to be Director General Chi-Kuo Lin of MOTC. In addition, Department of Railways and Highways and Railways Supervision Task Force (BOHSR) together formed working groups to assist the inspection team on inspection administrative work.
On the same day the inspectors raised 19 improvement points according to evaluation results of documentation, on-scene equipment and simulation practices. The improvement points comprised 3 pre-operation matters, 13 general matters and 3 follow-up suggestions. With great efforts and cooperation from all participating parties, the inspection work was finished. Following, THSRC has to submit all necessary documents regarding the pre-operation matters to MOTC to be cleared for operation.
Taiwan HSR has become an essential choice of transportation in western Taiwan. With official operation of HSR Nangang Station replacing Taipei Main Station as the initial stop of HSR northern area, the transferring passengers will be relieved, efficiency of land use near Nangang district will be increased and economic development of the area will be enhanced.

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