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第4屆台日鐵路實務交流會議紀要 Summary of the 4th Taiwan-Japan Railway Practical Interchange & Cooperation Meeting


On Apr. 18th 2016, Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung led the BOHSR delegation to Japan’s Railway Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for the 4th Taiwan-Japan Railway Practical Interchange & Cooperation Meeting. In the meeting, in addition to strengthening forms of cooperation on bilateral high-speed rail operations in the industry to expand overseas market and exert mutual expertise and experience, both parties would like to see that the rail industries in Taiwan and Japan will cooperate and gradually establish a pipeline to achieve the goal of mutual benefit.
The annual interchange meetings are held according to “Memorandum for the Practical Interchange and Cooperation in Railway Business” signed by Taiwan and Japan on Nov. 5th, 2013. Meeting venues rotate between Japan and Taiwan yearly in which the meeting this year took place in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting was cohosted by Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung of BOHSR and Mr. Toshiya Morishige, Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of land infrastructure Transport and Tourism from Japan. Both Mr. Hitoji Funamachi, Executive Director of Interchange Association Japan and Mr. Chung-Shi Kuo, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan were invited to give speeches at the event. Participating organizations also included Central Japan Railway Company and Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation. The major purpose of this meeting is to discuss the forms of cooperation on bilateral high-speed rail operations to expand overseas market. In the times of vigorous promotion of high-speed rail construction in the United States and India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, as the subject of the unprecedented international cooperation with Japan Shinkansen, THSRC will continue to provide relevant experience on high-speed railway construction and operations to these countries to demonstrate professional consulting abilities. In addition, to enhance the ability of independent technology in Taiwan’s rail industry and look forward to participating in the international components supply chain, we strongly recommend exchanges and cooperation in bilateral rail industries. In response, the Japanese side is willing to participate in forms of seminars and other ways to promote cooperation and exchanges in the industry.
The meeting coincided with the recent earthquake that hit Japan Kumamoto County, so BOHSR and THSRC expressed condolences and also showed willingness in providing necessary assistance and care to Japan. In response, MLIT gratefully acknowledged our blessings.

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