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105年度北北基桃聯合災害防救演習觀察紀實 Observation Report of the 2016 Taipei-New Taipei-Keelung-Taoyuan Joint Disaster Prevention Drill


On Mar. 25th and 26th, 2016, the Taipei-New Taipei-Keelung-Taoyuan Joint Disaster Prevention Drill was cohosted by Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Keelung City Government and Taoyuan City Government. The joint drill comprised participants from various units and the 5 implemented subjects were earthquake evacuation practice, compound earthquake rescue practice, sheltering practice in disaster prevention parks, hospital handling measures on excessive admitted patients and compound disaster prevention and rescue drill at Taipei Main Station District. Premier Shan-Cheng Chang of Executive Yuan, Deputy Minister Meng-Feng Wu of MOTC and many municipal directorates personally showed up to observe and supervise the event.
At 00:45 on Mar. 26th, BOHSR participated in the compound disaster prevention and rescue drill at Taipei Main Station District which was carried out at the platform floors and surrounding areas. In this drill, TRA, THSRC, Taipei Metro, Taoyuan Metro, the police bureau, fire bureau, medical units and military forces sequentially simulated earthquake rescue situations and evacuation drill, train accident rescue drill, explosives handling drill, toxic chemicals processing drill, excessive injured patients handling drill, marching to commanding post and coordination post operations and fire drills. During the process, the actions of all personnel were very skilled showing full interpretation of routine training.
After the drill, the leader presented comments and approved of the performances of each unit; the drill came to a successful and with completion of established goals, and won the praise of all fields.

  • 機場捷運A1站地震疏散及傷患搶救情形。
  • 大量傷病患處置時使用之各項器具。
  • 臺北車站列車出軌及列車內傷患搶救情形。
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