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深坑線輕軌運輸系統可行性研究現勘暨初審作業 Onsite Inspection and Initial Evaluation on Feasibility Study for Shenkeng Light Rail Transit System


On Apr. 9, 2014, New Taipei City Government notified MOTC of the Feasibility Study for Shenkeng Light Rail Transit System and corrected the report based on evaluation results and officially submitted the amended report once again on Mar. 21, 2016. MOTC assigned BOHSR to implement the initial evaluation meeting in accordance to the Guidelines for Application and Review of Plans for Mass Rapid Transit System Construction Projects. BOHSR gathered the Department of Transportation, Environment and Natural Resources of Executive Yuan, National Development Council, Public Construction Committee, Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Ministry of Finance and relevant departments in MOTC to assist in the evaluation. Meanwhile, a survey of the route and station was conducted before the meeting to ensure the smoothness of the evaluation work.
The 8.03 km construction route of this project initiated from Taipei Zoo in Wenshan District. The route goes along Xinguang Rd., Muzha Rd., across Freeway No. 3 and Jingmei River into Shenkeng District. Then, the stations are set along Wenshan Rd. with the terminal station and depot located at the west side of Shihding Service Area of Freeway No. 5. On May 10, 2016, the onsite inspection was implemented in which the inspection team was led by Deputy Chief Engineer Jao of BOHSR. On the other hand, New Taipei City Government interpreted on planning routes, stations, depots, transfer routes, station development and land acquisition. In the afternoon, Director General Hu of BOHSR hosted the initial evaluation meeting in the BOHSR conference room in which relevant units proposed suggestions accordingly. In conclusion, the inspection authority has requested New Taipei City Government to implement improvement measures accordingly and make corrections on the feasibility report.

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